Online Pet Store/Pharmacy

At Mebane Veterinary Hospital, we’re delighted to introduce our online pet pharmacy, a portal to a way of care and convenience.

happy dog standing on shopping cart
dog with a stethoscope

Unleashing a New Era of Care

Our online pharmacy is a one-stop shop that provides a wide selection of pet supplies. We offer medication, supplements, and even personalized diets tailored to your pet’s particular needs, from protecting against heartworms to protecting from fleas and ticks. With this partnership, we’re dedicated to offering convenience and quality care right at your fingertips.

The Benefits for Your Cherished Companion

Seamless Convenience

Imagine the ease of browsing, selecting, and ordering vital products from the comfort of your home. No more rushing through traffic or rearranging schedules; we bring the pet pharmacy to you.

Uninterrupted Supply

Our online pharmacy ensures a constant supply of the things your pet needs. Bid adieu to last-minute scrambles or concerning gaps in their schedule of care.

Personalized Solutions

Each pet is unique, and their needs are intricately distinct. Our online pharmacy, with its extensive range, allows you to tailor solutions that resonate with your pet’s specific needs.