•  Preventive Medicine
•  Diagnostic Medicine
•  Surgery
•  Dental Care
•  Laser Therapy
•  After-Hours Emergencies
•  Acupuncture
•  Online Store/Pharmacy
•  Vaccine Policy

Preventive Medicine

•  Well pet examinations;
•  Immunizations (click here to read our policy on vaccines);
•  Internal parasite control and heartworm prevention;
•  Dental services;
•  Prescription flea and tick control;
•  Microchip identification; and
•  Diet/weight control consultation.

Diagnostic Medicine

•  Digital radiology;
•  Allergy testing;
•  In-house laboratory.


•  Routine surgeries, such as neuters and spays;
•  Special surgeries, as needed;
•  Referrals made to specialty hospitals, as needed.

Dental Care

•  Routine dental cleaning and extractions.

Laser Therapy

•  Class IV or cold laser therapy for dogs and cats is a non-invasive way to treat pain and tissue damage. Common conditions that may benefit from laser therapy include:
     – Arthritis and degenerative joint disease;
     – Intervertebral disc disease;
     – Bone and soft tissue injuries;
     – Hot spots;
     – Ear infections.
Laser therapy is a standard part of our post-surgical management due to its ability to reduce pain and speed healing.


After-Hours Emergencies

After-hours emergencies are referred to:

•  BluePearl Pet Hospital, Emergency Vet
7015 NC Highway 751
Durham, NC

•  Carolina Veterinary Specialists
501 Nicholas Road
Greensboro, NC

•  You can also call us (919-563-5006), and a recorded message will direct you to these hospitals, too.
•  If you have reason to believe that your pet may have ingested a poison, one option after hours is to call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Hotline (888-426-4435). There may be a charge for this service.  


Veterinary acupuncture can be appropriate treatment for:
•  Arthritis or intervertebral disc problems;
•  Skin allergies;
•  Respiratory problems;
•  Gastrointestinal problems.

Click here to read more about our veterinary acupuncture services.

Online Store/Pharmacy

In partnership with our trusted veterinary supplier, we offer online purchases for most products, including:
•  Heartworm prevention;
•  Flea and tick prevention;
•  Medications;
•  Vitamins and supplements;
•  Special diets; and
•  Shampoos.
Ordering online gives the convenience of home delivery and the order becomes part of each pet's record.

Vaccine Policy

We vaccinate pets based on the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) vaccine guidelines for dogs and cats. Aside from the rabies vaccine -- required by law at specified intervals in North Carolina -- we recommend vaccinations based on the risk and lifestyle of the individual pet, including factors such as age, breed, health status, environment and travel habits.